Longevity: A challenge to the health system - NRP 67 at the Santé forum in PullyLongevity: A challenge to the health system - NRP 67 at the Santé forum in Pully a project jointly supported by the Fondation Leenaards and NRP 67 interprofessional cooperation in the care of end-of-life people in four regions of French-speaking Switzerland has been studied. The results of this project have led to a white paper that will be published shortly and will be the subject of a public debate at the Forum Santé.10/16/2018 10:00:00 PMLongevity: A challenge to the health system
NRP 67 synthesis reportNRP 67 synthesis report end of life as a challenge for society: NRP 67 synthesis report is out11/21/2017 9:00:00 AMNRP 67 synthesis report
A well-attended closing eventA well-attended closing event 200 researchers and interested members of the public attended the closing event of NRP 67. The presentations and discussions focused on the results and recommendations that had emerged from the research programme.12/12/2017 11:00:00 PMClosing event of NRP 67

Within the NRP "End of life" (NRP 67) 33 research projects study various aspects of the end of life from different disciplinary perspectives.

The purpose of NRP 67 is to gain knowledge useful to guiding decisions and practices at the end of life and to make this knowledge available to decision-makers in the health care system, as well as to politicians and professionals involved in the care of persons at the end of life.

The NRP 67 has an overall budget of CHF 15 million at its disposal. The timeframe for the research is 5 years.

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