White Paper on geriatric palliative care in French-speaking Switzerland

End-of-life care in French-speaking Switzerland was investigated in a dialogue-driven process involving a number of experts. The resulting White Paper, which discusses a number of specific improvements, emerged from a cooperation venture with Fondation Leenards. It is available in French and will be avaible in German by mid-May.

In partnership with the Lausanne-based Fondation Leenards, NRP 67 set up a cooperation project to improve knowledge transfer in French-speaking Switzerland.

Researchers from NRP 67 worked on the project alongside people involved in end-of-life care in French-speaking Switzerland. They investigated interprofessional collaboration in end-of-life care delivery in four parts of the region. The results of the work were used to formulate a “White Paper” that was published in November 2018 and discussed with around 400 participants at the Forum Santé in Pully.

The White Paper “Geriatric palliative care in French-speaking Switzerland (Soins palliatifs gériatriques en suisse romande)” provides specific recommendations on how to improve regional coordination and embed palliative care among the geriatric patient population.