Good dying: cultural and social concepts and ideals

The fifth dialogue event of NRP 67 is a collaborative project conducted together with the National Advisory Commission on Biomedical Ethics (NCE).

What meaning does life have for seriously ill or elderly people reaching the end of their lives? What ideas do they express about dying well and with dignity? How can family, friends and medical staff help to facilitate a good way of dying? What is the appropriate way for them to react if the person dying recounts extraordinary or imaginative experiences?

The fifth dialogue event of the National Research Programme “End of Life” (NRP 67) will present results from projects undertaken as part of the NRP that explore religious approaches, the importance of trust, spirituality, cultural background and social ideals at the end of life. Practitioners will discuss the relevance of these findings to their everyday work with the dying, and indicate where research could fill further gaps in current knowledge. Those attending the event are warmly invited to make an active contribution to this dialogue between research and practice.

The five dialogue events of NRP 67 "End of Life" address practitioners, professional associations and organisations as well as federal and cantonal offices.