NRP 67 synthesis report

The end of life as a challenge for society: NRP 67 synthesis report is out

How a person dies can be shaped: in youth or old age, at home, while out and about or in an institution, the manner in which this final phase unfolds is not the sole responsibility of that individual. It is in the remit of society and its citizens to enable everyone to die with dignity and self-determination, and with the appropriate care that is as free from fear and pain as possible. In its 33 projects, NRP 67 examined various aspects of dying in Switzerland.

Dying is a deeply personal phase in the life of each human being and the nature of the end of life experience is influenced to a considerable degree by societal conditions. NRP 67 carried out research into various aspects of dying including: questions of meaning that arise for individuals and the desire to die that causes anguish at the end of life; the costs related to treatment during the last phase of life; and the situation regarding care in Switzerland including its legal requirements.

The results of research in various disciplines over five years are correspondingly varied and complex. This synthesis report provides an overview of important findings from the research projects and formulates policy recommendations for different interest groups.

The 33 projects generated new knowledge, particularly in the areas of care, decisions at the end of life, ethical principles and legal requirements, as well as societal ideals as to what constitutes a good death.